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Warranty Information

Customer Warranty

For over 30 years, Outdoor Kitchen & Patio has proudly provided quality customer service and stood behind our merchandise. We are committed to continuing that tradition and doing everything we can to assure that you are satisfied and happy with your purchase.  All warranties are offered and processed by the furniture manufactures.  Because we have established relationships with these manufactures, we have a good rapport with the customer service departments.  As part of our commitment to quality customer service, we have specialists designated to help you resolve your needs with the manufacturer.

Each manufacturer’s claim process has different requirements and policies.  Our specialist will handle these details for you and file your claim with the manufacture.  As we receive updates from the factory about your claim, we will provide them to you.  As our customer, we will be your advocates with the manufacturer and we will do our best to resolve your issues in the most beneficial way to you.  However, be aware that the factories decisions are binding and final in all warranty claims.  Also, please note that most factories hold the customer liable for freight & delivery after the first year.

If you need to make a warranty claim, please do not bring the item in without calling first.
In most cases, all we need is a few digital photos of the product or the problem. Information is provided by the respective manufacturer and is subject to change. Outdoor Kitchen & Patio provides this information as a courtesy to our customers and is not liable for the information provided.

Information is provided by the respective manufacture and is subject to change.  Outdoor Kitchen & Patio provides this information as a courtesy to our customers and is not liable for the information provided.

Special Note on Umbrellas, Cushions, & Glass
Glass is not warranted.  Extreme care must be taken when using an umbrella in a glass top table.  An umbrella stand is necessary under the table to hold the umbrella.  At any time, the wind could gust and carry the umbrella as a sail to cause the table to turn over and break the glass.  As a result, the glass would not be covered under warranty.  Umbrellas and cushions have a one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase.  The warranty does not cover natural fading from sunlight.  Umbrellas are warranted structurally (under normal use and conditions).  Please exercise caution when using your umbrella and only have the umbrella open when you are enjoying your patio set.  We cannot warranty an umbrella, which has been left open and gets damaged from a high gust of wind.